Monday, January 28, 2013

Play dough

This weekend we made play dough.  I needed to make a new batch for my students at school, and I thought that Little Guy might enjoy the process.  I used the recipe from the website how does she?  I measured the ingredients, then Little Guy poured them into the pan and stirred.

Carefully adding the flour.
Stirring the dry ingredients together first.

 I think he really liked choosing the color for the play dough!

No hesitation; he went right for the green!
Wow!  Look at the yellow goop!

After he helped me stir, I finished the stirring to make sure everything was well combined, then I cooked up some play dough!  We made 3 batches: green, yellow, and pink.  Little Guy helped with the first two batches, then I gave him some of the green to play with.

Concentrating on that new green play dough.

Little Guy uses play dough at school.  In fact, it is one of the activities that is out for the children when he arrives in the morning.  Even though he uses it at school, he still enjoys playing with it at home.  He already has some blue play dough; now he'll have some green, too!

I can roll a snake!
We also busted out some cookie cutters for him to use!  We tried to keep the play dough contained on a cookie sheet, since he was working on the floor.

Toddler hands are so sweet!
 What is your favorite way to play with play dough?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ginger snaps

Yesterday Little Guy and I made gingersnaps.  These are not a cookie that I typically bake.  I used a mix to make the dough (after the sale price and a coupon it was free!), then Little Guy and I set to work.  Since he is used to playing with playdough, I thought this would be a fun cookie for us to make.  We had to roll the dough into little balls and then smoosh them with the bottom of a glass.

I can make a snake with the dough!

This dough is fun!

Working hard to smoosh the dough balls!

I want to do more!

Of course, when the cookies were done baking, we had to sample them.  This was Little Guy's first gingersnap.  I think he liked them!

I like this cookie!
More, please!
What have you made lately!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Duplo sensory table

Little Guy needed a new sensory table.  The novelty of his corn table had worn off, so the corn had been moved to the garage, to be used again in the future. 
We have a few sets of Lego Duplo blocks, so I thought that would be a great thing to put in the table.  Plus, they are not messy (they leave no crumbs or dust behind), and are easy to take out and put away.

Wow!  Look at all those blocks!

I can build in the center of the table!
While our blocks didn't fill the table, it was a new and novel way to get the Duplos out.

What is in your sensory table?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snow Day!

Well, we have had quite a bit of snow around here lately!  Today it was coming down so hard that we actually had a snow day!  No school for Mommy means a bonus day of playing at home for Little Guy!

Since we had a lot of snow, of course we had to get out and play in it!  We both got all bundled up!

Getting ready to play in the snow!

Once we were outside, we tried to do a variety of things.  We started out with the sled.  I pulled Little Guy around for a little while.  Then he wanted to pull it himself, and he wouldn't get back in it!

Little Guy preferred pulling the sled!

Then I pulled a shovel and hoe out of our sand sensory box.  This seemed like a great way to let Little Guy play with the snow.  He scooped for a little while, then we got a bucket out for him to scoop into!

Scooping up snow is so fun!
Shoveling snow into a bucket!

Since Little Guy is still so little, I didn't want to stay outside for too long.  We went inside for lunch and a nap, and to warm up!

After nap, we made some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  Little Guy is a great helper and loves to pour the ingredients into the bowl and then mix them together.  After the muffins baked, we went outside for a little while longer.  While out there, we made snow angels.

Little Guy's snow angel

We tried blowing bubbles, as I had read that they would freeze, but ours floated away before we could tell if they were frozen. 

After heading in, we enjoyed a freshly baked muffin.  Little Guy really enjoyed his!

This muffin is so yummy!

We tried to do an indoor snow themed craft.  I drew a snowman and was trying to have Little Guy glue marshmallows onto the outline.  He didn't get to into it.  Oh well!

What do you do on snow days?  How do you play in the snow?

Playing in the snow!

Well, it has been cold and snowy here.  While we did not have a white Christmas, we had a white day after Christmas. 

Little Guy all ready for the snow!
Little Guy and Mommy!

While we had snow on the ground, we wanted to take Little Guy out to play in it.  Although the ground at our house was covered in snow, there was not enough to do anything with, so we drove where we could find some. We took our sled and bundled up, ready for some fun!

Daddy is a good sled puller!

Trying to make snow balls!

Go, Grandma, Go!

Do you like my snow angel?

 We have gotten more snow since then!  Stay tuned for more snow filled posts!