Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Loving airplanes

Ever since we flew to Hawaii, Little Guy has been very interested in airplanes. At one of our layovers, we sat in front of a window in the airport and could see planes landing, taking off, and taxi-ing up to the gates. Little Guy sat there and watched, giving us his own (almost 2 year old) commentary on what was happening.  This consisted of "airplane," "up," "down," and "fly."
After we returned home, Little Guy and I took a trip to the library. There we found a few great books about airplanes. We took two of these books on our next trip, and he loved to look at them in the airplane.

We have read these books over and over.  Our favorite has been Airport by Byron Barton.  The bright, simple illustrations explain what is going on as well as providing many discussion ideas.

For about the first week after were done traveling, the first thing Little Guy would say to me in the morning was "Up!" like he expected us to fly every week. I'm glad he enjoyed the flying, but I am glad to be home for a while!

 Recently, Grandma and Granddaddy A. sent Little Guy a Little People Airplane.  He has really enjoyed this!

Loading the people.

Don't forget the suitcase!




Ready to go.
 What is your toddler interested in and how do you help them learn more about it?

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