Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tot School- Thanksgiving and Turkeys

Can you believe that Thanksgiving was last week and now we are into December?  We had a fun week last week in Tot School working on Thanksgiving and turkeys.  Little Guy is 29 months old.

Our first tray was to make feathers for a turkey out of beads.  I saw this idea on Pinterest from Stay At Home Educator.  I used part of a toilet paper roll and the beads that we had on hand.  Little Guy made one feather the first day, then on Thanksgiving we worked together to make a few more feathers.
How will this feather go on?

Gobble, gobble!
Little Guy really likes clothespins, so I can up with the next idea.  I painted clothespins different colors for the turkey's feathers.  I cut out a circle from some poster board and glued a picture of a turkey head on it.  I colored rectangles on the circle to match the clothespins up to.  This was a favorite activity that Little Guy came back to several times. 
The orange goes here.
We had more two-piece puzzles from the fall pack at 3 Dinosaurs.  Little Guy is pretty good at completing these and doesn't choose to do these often.

The next activity practiced one to one correspondence with chocolate chips!  Using the turkey dot page from the Thanksgiving pack extras at 3 Dinosaurs, Little Guy had to place a chocolate chip in each circle.  He really liked this activity, and wanted to snack along the way.  I did make him wait until he was done before he could have a few chocolate chips!
Adding another chocolate chip.
Ready for my sweet reward!
This week we again got out our pumpkin pie spice play dough.  I also got out his roller and the cookie cutters for the letters in his name.  I thought this would be a fun activity to practice those letters.  Instead, he found the magnetic letters for his name and requested that I hide them in the play dough for him to find.  Oh well, at least he was looking for his name!

He completed a food and people sort from the Thanksgiving pack at 1+1+1=1.  I left the sorting pictures in groups of two so he would have to cut them apart first, then he glued them on. 
This is food!
We played Roll and Count Thanksgiving from the Thanksgiving tot pack 2 at 3 Dinosaurs.  We have enjoyed the variations that Cassie at 3 Dinosaurs has created!  It is fun to roll and talk about the pictures and to count how many we rolled at the end.  Today the turkey won!
Ready to count the turkeys!
Another printable from 3 Dinosaurs was the 9 piece puzzle.  Little Guy still struggles with laying the pieces on without them moving, so I think we will take a break from these for a little while.

Our last tray was to make another turkey using a pine cone and feathers.  This one required more help from mama.  I ended up needing to hot glue all the feathers into the pine cone.  However, Little Guy still seemed to enjoy it.
Gobble, gobble!
In addition to our trays this week, we also had a lap book. 

Included in the book were two mini coloring books, Leaf Shapes (continued from last week) and Color the Leaf, both from the leaf pack at 3 Dinosaurs. We did not get to these this week.  It also had cutting practice from the Thanksgiving pack at 3 Dinosaurs and turkeys from the Thanksgiving Cut It Out pack at This Reading Mama.  Cutting is always a huge hit.  Little Guy also had the challenge of gluing the turkeys back together after he had cut them apart. 
I see the turkey.
 There was a turkey size sequencing and a shadow match, both from ABC's to ACT's.  Little Guy is getting better at matching the shadows to the pictures.
This is the turkey's shadow.
 How did you spend your Thanksgiving week?

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