Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Family Vacation...Hawaii!

Have you missed me?  We have been busy traveling the last few weeks.  In fact, we have taken 3 trips over the last month!  I'll try to catch you up on our journeys!

Our most exciting trip was a family vacation. We spent 7 days on the Hawaiian isle of Kauai!  It was a glorious family vacation!  Here are a few photos from this trip.

Mommy and Little Guy, stopping for a picture and ready for the beach!
We spent time everyday at the beach.  Little Guy loved the sand, water, and probably having mommy and daddy close by!

Look at the corral I found!

Digging holes was lots of fun.

Such a hard worker, even on vacation!
He really enjoyed taking his pail to the ocean, filling it with water, and bringing it back to dump in a hole in the sand.

He looks so tiny compared to the ocean!

We took an airplane tour of the island.  Ready for take-off!
Since part of Kauai is inaccessible by car, we took an airplane tour of the island.  It was beautiful!

We also went up the river on a flat-bottomed boat.

Mommy and Little Guy getting water to dump in a hole.

More digging!  The sand was so fun!

Look how cute!

Mommy matches, too!

Waiting for the luau to start, Little Guy practiced spinning these balls.

At the luau
We spent one evening at a luau.  Little Guy was entranced by the show.  He watched everyone so closely, and really enjoyed the fire dance!

More time at the beach!

Our last morning there, we walked to the beach to throw in our lei's.

Aloha, Hawaii!
It seemed the week went by all too quickly.  We had a wonderful time as a family!  Thanks to Little Guy, Daddy and I even spent a lot of time relaxing and reading during nap time and after Little Guy went to bed.

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