Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beginning our garden

In between our last two trips, we began our garden.  So far, we have planted a row of pea seeds outside in our garden area, started sunflower seeds to be transplanted outside, and planted a pot of flower seeds. 

We started with the pea seeds.  I spent naptime turning the soil to try to have things ready.  Little Guy came out after his nap and helped to put in the seeds and water them in.

Carefully put in the seeds.

Water is so good for our seeds!

Then we planted some flower seeds.  Little Guy was helpful in filling the pot with soil, sprinkling in some seeds, and then watering.

All done!

The next day we planted our sunflower seeds.  I chose mammoth sunflowers, so these should be fun to watch grow this summer!  These will eventually be transplanted by the fence in our backyard.  I made boxes from newspaper to use to hold the seed starts.  This way, when we are ready to transplant, we can just plant the whole thing.  Little Guy helped to fill each box with soil, push in a seed, and then to water.  He is such a good helper!

Hmmmm, this feels different.
Make room for more soil!
Put one seed in the middle of each box.
Water to help them grow!

Fast forward to after our last trip, about 5 days later.  The flower seeds in our red pot had sprouted!  Little Guy loves to look at them and tries to count them.  When he wants to look at them, he points and says "Grow!"  He really likes to water them, too.  I love watching how excited he gets over these plants!

Wow!  Look at the plants! Grow!

What have you and your toddler planted?

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