Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quiet Book: It's Done!!!

It's done!  I think it took me a little over a month to do, but the Quiet Book I made for Little Guy is completed (for now)!  There are lots of pictures.  I hope you enjoy looking at this Quiet Book as much as I do!

Here is the front cover.  The flap has velcro to keep it closed.  Don't you love this fabric?  I love the bright colors to get Little Guy's attention.  The handles are made of felt, and are just the right size for him to carry his book.

The back cover is equally as cute!  There is a little pocket on the back to hold things, like the car for the road page.  I got the basic pattern for the cover and how to put together the pages from Adventures of Our Family.

The first page has Little Guy's name in blue letters (not shown).  They attach to the page with velcro, so he can practice spelling his name.

Get ready to play ball!  Count the beads and shoot a basket!

The number page is really interactive, as not only are the numbers attached with velcro, but you can also move the beads.
Daddy is a big basketball fan, so we had to include this great sport!  The basketballs come out of the ball rack and can be put through the hoop.

 Next we practice colors and shapes.

The shape page is all snaps.  We will practice colors now and shapes later.  I love how this book will grow with Little Guy!
The zipper page, although not very exciting, is sure to be a favorite of Little Guy's, as he LOVES to zip!

Beep, beep! Coming through!
The road and car pages will be fun!  The car will be stored in the back pocket.

Don't be scared!  The dinosaur is next, along with the kite!

The dinosaur's spots and spines all have snaps.  He also has a zipper on his back, turning him into a pocket!  The template is from Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows.

The kite page might just be the neatest page!  Inside each kite piece is a magnet, and there is a magnet hot glued onto the page.  The kite puzzle pieces can go on in any order, as well as either direction (there is no front or back).  Daddy helped with this page!  The original pattern is from Serving Pink Lemonade.

Time to visit the farm!

Apple picking is fun.  The apples have snaps and go in the basket.   I wonder how long until an apple is snapped where the sun goes?  The template is from Adventures of Our Family.

Don't forget to stop in the barn.  Open the doors to see the chicken, pig, and cow finger puppets.  The template is from Homemade by Jill.

Mail call!

The mailbox holds a small pad of paper to write notes on.  Don't forget to put up the flag!  The template is from Homemade by Jill.

Want to pick some flowers?  This will be great fine motor practice to take the flowers off and on the buttons.  The template is from Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows.

Don't forget your tool chest!

The tool page was the last page to be completed, although that is not why it is last.  I think Little Guy will be a great fan of the tools!

So that is the Quiet Book for now.  It is held together with binder rings, which makes it so I can add and take out pages.  Already have a few more in mind (thinking about a birthday cake)! 

What's in your Quiet Book?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Quiet Book: Barn and Apple Tree

 The Quiet Book that I am making for Little Guy has continued to take up much of my free time.  It is almost done, though!  I am excited to give it to Little Guy soon.

In the meantime, here are two more completed pages.

I got the apple tree template from Adventures of Our Family.  The apples and the sun have snaps, and then the apples can go into the basket.

The barn page is from Homemade by Jill.  Once you open the barn door, you see the finger puppets waiting inside!

I plan on making more animals; but for now, these three will do nicely!

In the completed book, these two pages are side by side!  Isn't that a nice little farm!

More coming soon...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Quiet Book: Road Pages

Here are two more pages from the Quiet Book I am making. 

 Daddy designed the road.  I think it is pretty cute!

The three signs have velcro on the back, so they can be interchanged.

Here they are with a toy car!  I think Little Guy will enjoy these pages!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Farm and corn play

This weekend was pretty rainy, so we played inside quite a bit.  We pulled out Little Guy's Little People and were playing with them.  Then I remembered we had corn in the garage from our corn box, and thought it would be fun to combine the two. So we had a farm play box.

Little Guy seemed eager to play.  We had not had the corn out in several months, so it was novel again.  I originally did not get out any spoons or other scoopers for him.  He quickly let me know that he wanted some spoons by leading me over to the cabinet where I keep things for him.  He asked me to open it and then promptly pulled out the spoons!  He was using spoons to fill the little cavities in the bottom of the Little People with corn.

We started in a little box.  However, it quickly became crowded, as not only the farm animals were playing, but the zoo animals wanted some corn, too.

After we upgraded to a bigger box, Little Guy had room to push his tractor.  He also was enjoying filling the back part of the tractor with corn.

He was making the animals pretend to eat.  Daddy had shown him how to put their mouth up to the corn and make noises with his own mouth.  Little Guy kept doing this repeatedly, as well as making the animal sound and signing "eat."  It was pretty cute!

How did you play this weekend?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Quiet Book: Shapes and Numbers

I have been hard at work on Little Guy's Quiet book.  Some pages are taking longer than I thought, while others are coming together much quicker.  Here are two more pages!

This is a color and shape matching page.  Under each re-moveable shape is a matching shape attached to the page.  Little Guy can practice matching the color for now, and later he can name and match the shapes.  There are snaps to connect the two shapes.

This is a number matching page.  The numbers each have velcro on the back, so they can be taken off.  When Little Guy is a bit older, he can count the number of beads on the ribbon and match the correct number to it.

More pages to come soon!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Break Wrap Up

Last week we had a great spring break!  The weather was nice for most of the week, so we were able to spend plenty of time outside.

Here's how we spent our week:
Saturday morning (when it was still cold), we went to the Easter Eggstravaganza at the zoo. Little Guy participated in his first egg scramble.  Sunday afternoon, we made a new play table as an Easter egg play table.

Monday morning a friend of Mommy's came over to visit and learn about cloth diapers.  Little Guy did a great job pulling all the clean diapers out to show her!

Tuesday we used the new paint brushes that Grandma A. sent us.  Only a little bit of paint wound up on Little Guy!

In the afternoon, we started a new sensory bin with oatmeal.  Little Guy loved putting the oatmeal into different containers.

On Wednesday afternoon we took a walk with a friend and her six week old baby to a nature park in town.  Little Guy was fascinated by the baby, and we had a great walk, ending at the (crowded) playground.

Can you see the deer?

Thursday we got out the moon dough.  It had been a while since we played with it, but it is a lot of fun!

We spent a lot of time outside.  We opened back up our sandbox for digging, scooping, and lots of fun!

Little Guy found a quiet place to sit in the yard.  He found rocks there and kept going back.

On Friday, we went to the zoo. (We bought an annual pass to our local zoo.  It helps to support the zoo and is a cost effective way for us to go.  I think we have to go about seven times a year to pay for it, and we go much more often than that!)

After looking at all those animals, we went to the park for a picnic.  Little Guy is getting better at holding sandwiches!

We made a stop at the playground before heading home for nap time.  When was the last time you enjoyed a swing this much?

Saturday, we dyed Easter eggs.

Our spring break ended with Easter!

What did you do over spring break?