Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tot School- U is for Umbrella

Hello!  Life moved along at a regular pace last week, so I am happy to share our Tot School schools activities!  We focused on the letter U- U is for Umbrella.  Little Guy is 36 months old.

The first activity was the favorite of the week.  It was sorting (butter) knives, forks, and spoons into the silverware tray.  Little Guy loved doing this.  He has really been interested in the practical life activities that I have been presenting.  Look for this activity to re-occur with more utensils to sort.

The next activity was cutting.  Little Guy asked specifically for some cutting practice.  I quickly made the cutting strips on Microsoft Excel, using some clip art pictures of umbrellas.  After cutting them apart, he then had to glue them onto the big U.  He did not really want to glue the umbrellas, but we turned it into a counting activity, which made it slightly more motivating.

Next up were some printables.  These came from 1+1+1=1 and 3 Dinosaurs.  Little Guy had fun using the U letter stamp and finding the U's.  (Note on the dot markers- Little Guy holds them down for a long time to make the circle dark, so I ended up putting more paper under them so the ink does not bleed onto the table.)

The next activity was a shape match from 1+1+1=1.  I cut out all the shapes and cut a copy of them from black paper.  Little Guy's task was to match the shape with its shadow and name the shape.  He seems to know his shapes, so it is a good review.  This is one task he did not want to do, even though it was very quick for him to complete.

The last activity was color matching, again from 1+1+1=1.  Each little card had an umbrella and a color word, printed in that color.  Little Guy had to match the same colored crayon to each sheet.  (He was able to complete this by looking at the colors, not reading the words.)  After he matched them all, he could color the umbrellas.  I think he colored 2 umbrellas before he was done.

 So there you have it!  Another week of Tot School.  We only have 3 more letters!  What have you done int Tot School?

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  1. I'm curious what you're going to do after you guys finish the letters??

    1. That is a great question! I'm thinking a lot about it right now. I think we will work through the alphabet again, but with changes to what we have done. Its exciting (and a bit intimidating) to think about!

  2. Really fun activities! We're going to start letters 'officially' once my son turns two (September), and I'm really intimidated by that, especially because we'll be doing it in Russian, whereas I keep finding such wonderful English alphabet activities and printables like those you used :)

    Have you also been working on counting/math simultaneously? or will you be doing it later?

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Its nice that you know when you want to start letters with your son so you have lots of time to gather ideas!
      I have been working on math at the same time as we have been working on letters. My goal is to have at least 1 activity each week that is math based, such as counting or shapes. It doesn't necessarily happen every week, but its my goal. Hope that helps!