Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

I hope you are having a wonderful day!  The Easter Bunny visited our house last night, and left Little Guy a basket.
His basket had:
  • a Viewfinder with pictures of animals (I remember having one of these as a kid!)
  • a Play-Doh fun factory
  • Pip-Squeaks markers
  • a sidewalk chalk holder
  • the book "Put Me in the Zoo"
He knew exactly how to use the viewfinder!
The Play-Doh fun factory was also a big hit!  New playdough is always fun, and this gave him so many ways to play!  We played for about half an hour before we had to get ready for church.
 Sidewalk chalk, markers, and the new book will be enjoyed later!

 The bunny also left him some eggs, but we haven't had a chance to find them yet.  Instead of candy, they are filled with bouncy balls, bubbles, little porcupine ball animals, and plastic frogs.

In the days leading up to Easter, Little Guy was able to participate in a couple of Easter Egg "Hunts."
He doesn't look as excited as he really was about those eggs!
He was so excited to see the Easter Bunny!
 He was so cute picking up eggs!  He would look at one, pick it up, then run to another one, running past 5 eggs on the way!  We was just excited to be getting eggs, he didn't care how many he got!
After collecting his eggs, he had to go back for a hug!
 Love my boys!
 I hope you enjoyed your day!

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