Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tot School- B is for Bunny

It seems like there are busy times and quiet times in life.  I must be in a busy time right now, as it seems like I never have enough time to do everything that I want or need to do.  Ah well!  Today's post is a few days late, but I hope you enjoy the activities we did for B is for Bunny!  Little Guy is 33 months old.

The first tray was sorting bunnies by size from the Easter Pack at Gift of Curiosity.  Little Guy seemed to enjoy this one, and completed it several times.  He would even get silly, put a bunny under the wrong label, look at me and say "Does this one go here?" to try to get a reaction. 
I used several printables.  He seems to be enjoying them again, which I like:)  One is from this pin on Pinterest and the other two are from the Tot Easter Pack at 3 Dinosaurs.  He enjoyed using all the colors of the dot markers, even getting some blue on his cheek!
This next activity was the favorite.  I had bought these foam bunny shapes from the Dollar Spot at Target a few weeks ago.  We covered the bunny with glue, then he went to town adding cotton balls.  On the first bunny, I let him put the glue on it, but he was not using very much, so then I generously squeezed the glue to cover the bunnies.  Daddy suggested we add the googley eyes, which seemed to add to the cuteness factor!  Little Guy made 3 bunnies during the week.  (I limited him to one per day to extend the activity.)
 The lacing activity I did not snap a picture of.  Little Guy only did this once during the week.  I used one of the foam bunnies and punched holes all the way around it for one and the red bunny came from a lacing set we own.

 The last activity was scooping "bunny tails" (white pom-poms) from the muffin tin to the basket.  Little Guy had the choice of using an ice cream scoop or tweezers.  He did use the tweezers one day, but really preferred the ice cream scoop.  After he would scoop them all, he would put the pom-poms back in the muffin tin and pretend to bake cupcakes.  I  love seeing him use his imagination!
 What fun spring-y activities are you working on?

 We linked up to the Tot School Gathering Place at 1+1+1=1!

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