Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tot School- N is for Noodles and Numbers

Hello! It is so good to be getting back to routines!  Even though last week was birthday week around our house, we still did Tot School.  We are getting so close to being done with the alphabet!  Yay!  Last week we focused on N is for Noodles and Numbers.  Little Guy is 36 months old.

The first activity Little Guy chose this week was to glue noodles onto his name.  I had 3 different types of noodles that he could use.  The first day, he covered 4 letters in his name with noodles.  He did not want to do the last letter, and so I finally made him do the last letter this week!  I'm not sure why it was so fun at first, but so hard to finish.  Oh well, I love to have him practice his name!
Another noodle activity I had for him was to create a noodle necklace.  I had some rigatoni that I had dyed.  I gave him some yarn (I taped the end to make it easier to thread) and let him get to work.  Again, this was an activity that he chose to do one day, and did not come back to.
Another activity was some printables from the Romping and Roaring pack at 3 Dinosaurs.  One sheet that I used this time that I have not used previously was the N hunt.  Little Guy had to pick out the N's from all the other letters and put a dot on it.  He did really well!  It was a great way to practice visual discrimination. 
This week I also included Noah in our Tot School.  We read the book "Noah's Arc" by Lucy Cousins then sequenced the pictures.  The sheets are from Ministry for Children.  The pictures were simple and easy to put in order.
To make our big N, this week we covered it in numbers.  I had some number stickers for Little Guy to use.  I thought he would like the shiny numbers, but chose to only apply the green numbers.
 The last activity was another number activity, from School Time Snippets.  Little Guy had to identify the number on the squirrel, and then give it that many nuts.  This stretched him a little bit, as he understands numbers to 3 and we have been practicing numbers to 4. 
 Overall, this was not our most successful week in Tot School.  Little Guy enjoys the practical life activities, so I will be working to include more of those in our work time.

I hope you had a great week!

We linked up to the Tot School Gathering Place at 1+1+1=1!

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