Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Homeschool Preschool- My plan

I can't believe that Little Guy is 3!  He is getting so big, but is still such a little person.

As moms around me consider where to send their kids to preschool or even as the bigger kids begin a new school year, I have decided to homeschool preschool Little Guy!

I'm not sure how well it will work, but I am excited about the possibilities!  We are going to try this for this year, and then we will re-evaluate in the late spring/summer what to do next.  He will be able to begin kindergarten in 2 years (although that would make him a very young kindergartner). I want to make sure that I have done all I can to prepare him for that, regardless if that is in a public, prviate, or home school.

Based on what I know our schedules will be like over the next year, I know that we will not be able to work on preschool every morning. Little Guy currently naps every afternoon, so I don't want to count on afternoon times, although that may change if/when he drops his nap. My plan is to dedicate 2 mornings a week to our preschool learning.  During those mornings, I want to have more structure in our time to maximize what we do.

My plan is to present learning opportunities to Little Guy through themes. Within each theme, I can read books, present specific letters of the alphabet, review the alphabet as a whole, work on counting, patterning, and other math skills, and learn about the theme.  I will be able to tailor the themes to his interests and what is going on around us.  (I had initially thought about doing a letter of the week.  But when I think about how I like to plan, I decided to go with themes.)

Originally, I was planning on finishing out some random letters and hanging out until the second or third week of September and starting our "preschool" then.  But you know what?  We didn't wait!  Last week was our first week of preschool!  I'll share more about that soon!

To help Little Guy learn from others and with others, I have signed him up for a couple of classes through our local parks and recreation department.  Our zoo offers a "Preschool Zoo" program once a week and I signed him up for a dance class.  In addition, we will continue to do things with our playgroup, attend story time at our local library, and be open to other learning opportunities. 

I am excited and nervous for what lies ahead!  What are your plans for preschool?

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