Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tot School- Y is for Yarn and Yellow

We are up to Y in Tot School!  The end of our Tot School journey is rapidly approaching!  Last week, we worked on Y is for Yarn and Yellow!  Little Guy is 37 months old.

We started with our Y art.  The first step was to paint the Y yellow, then glue bits of yarn on it.  I let Little Guy choose which paintbrush he wanted to use.  This seemed to make the painting more enjoyable for him.  He also really likes wearing the smock!  A couple of days later, we glued on the yarn.  While its nothing fancy, it looks pretty fun!

Next was a printable from The Measured Mom.  Instead of using stickers or stamps on it, Little Guy put yellow pom-poms on each circle.  This works on one-to-one correspondence and his fine motor skills.

The next activity was my favorite, and one that Little Guy was really proud of!  We did some weaving with yarn and ribbons.  The idea came from Preschool Alphabet.  While Little Guy needed some help to complete this activity, he seemed to understand the alternating pattern of weaving.  I started by helping him hold up the yarn that he was pushing the ribbon under, but by the end of the week he was able to do it all on his own!  I taped the ends of the ribbon to the back so he could show off his work!

The idea for the next activity, the yellow shirt, also came from Preschool Alphabet, although we did not do the complete activity.  I simply cut out a yellow shirt from construction paper.  Then we looked for yellow objects in a paper catalog.  Little Guy and I took turns cutting out pictures.  It was a little harder for him to cut out pictures from a catalog, as turning the paper while cutting is not something he has mastered yet.  Also, with no lines to cut on, it makes it a little more abstract.  However, we had fun looking though the catalog, finding fun yellow objects.

The last activity was a Y poke page.  Using a yellow highlighter, I wrote a big yellow Y on paper, then backed it with a couple of layers of cardboard.  Little Guy had to stick tacks into the Y. 

So that was our Y week!  How have you been learning about Y?

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