Sunday, September 27, 2015


Almost two weeks ago, Little Guy started preschool!  And not home school preschool- preschool at a school!

Little Guy actually started at the school last March, then was off for the summer.  They recently began the new school year.

For Little Guy's first formal school experience, we decided to go with a cooperative preschool.  That means that we have to volunteer in the classroom periodically (once about every two or three weeks), help on a school committee, and just generally support the school.  This is just perfect for me, because I want to be a part of his school experience, getting to know his teachers and fellow students.

It is also a play based preschool.  When he arrives each day, the students play on the playground.  They move inside and do an opening circle, then the students have time to play, explore, and learn.  There is nothing that the students have to do.  There are at most 16 students in his class with two teachers and one or two parent helpers.  At the end of the exploration time, they clean up, then have closing circle.  They invite the parents in to recap the day, then off we go!

Let me tell you, he LOVES it!  It has been great for him to interact with other children his age, and not just because his mommy knows their mommy.  It has also been great for him to interact with other adults, listening when adults give him directions, and learning how to do the basics of school.  This is what works for us, and we are all happy with our choice in preschools and how well he seems to be doing!

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