Friday, January 25, 2013

Ginger snaps

Yesterday Little Guy and I made gingersnaps.  These are not a cookie that I typically bake.  I used a mix to make the dough (after the sale price and a coupon it was free!), then Little Guy and I set to work.  Since he is used to playing with playdough, I thought this would be a fun cookie for us to make.  We had to roll the dough into little balls and then smoosh them with the bottom of a glass.

I can make a snake with the dough!

This dough is fun!

Working hard to smoosh the dough balls!

I want to do more!

Of course, when the cookies were done baking, we had to sample them.  This was Little Guy's first gingersnap.  I think he liked them!

I like this cookie!
More, please!
What have you made lately!

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