Monday, January 28, 2013

Play dough

This weekend we made play dough.  I needed to make a new batch for my students at school, and I thought that Little Guy might enjoy the process.  I used the recipe from the website how does she?  I measured the ingredients, then Little Guy poured them into the pan and stirred.

Carefully adding the flour.
Stirring the dry ingredients together first.

 I think he really liked choosing the color for the play dough!

No hesitation; he went right for the green!
Wow!  Look at the yellow goop!

After he helped me stir, I finished the stirring to make sure everything was well combined, then I cooked up some play dough!  We made 3 batches: green, yellow, and pink.  Little Guy helped with the first two batches, then I gave him some of the green to play with.

Concentrating on that new green play dough.

Little Guy uses play dough at school.  In fact, it is one of the activities that is out for the children when he arrives in the morning.  Even though he uses it at school, he still enjoys playing with it at home.  He already has some blue play dough; now he'll have some green, too!

I can roll a snake!
We also busted out some cookie cutters for him to use!  We tried to keep the play dough contained on a cookie sheet, since he was working on the floor.

Toddler hands are so sweet!
 What is your favorite way to play with play dough?

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