Thursday, July 18, 2013

Transportation busy bag

What little boy doesn't love cars? Our next busy bag uses transportation as its theme.

I like activities that pull double (or triple) duty. This matching activity works on 3 skills: color matching, number recognition/ counting, and fine motor. On each clothespin are the colors of the cars to match. Each race car  has a numeral on it (1-6) which corresponds to the number of boxes on the clothespin. Finally, squeezing the clothespin and putting in the car is a great skill!

Of course, there are books included ( Little Guy loves to look at books!).  Two of these books are touchy feely books, which Little guy still enjoys. 

What transportation busy bag would be complete without some trucks? This one has a little bulldozer and fire truck.  The last activity included is a threading activity where you thread the cars onto the shoe lace (thanks Grandma A.). 

What would you add to a transportation themed busy bag?


  1. Where did you find the cars for the clothes pin activity?

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I found the green car in clip art in Microsoft Word. My husband then used the Paint program to change the numbers and the colors of the cars.

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