Monday, April 8, 2013

Farm and corn play

This weekend was pretty rainy, so we played inside quite a bit.  We pulled out Little Guy's Little People and were playing with them.  Then I remembered we had corn in the garage from our corn box, and thought it would be fun to combine the two. So we had a farm play box.

Little Guy seemed eager to play.  We had not had the corn out in several months, so it was novel again.  I originally did not get out any spoons or other scoopers for him.  He quickly let me know that he wanted some spoons by leading me over to the cabinet where I keep things for him.  He asked me to open it and then promptly pulled out the spoons!  He was using spoons to fill the little cavities in the bottom of the Little People with corn.

We started in a little box.  However, it quickly became crowded, as not only the farm animals were playing, but the zoo animals wanted some corn, too.

After we upgraded to a bigger box, Little Guy had room to push his tractor.  He also was enjoying filling the back part of the tractor with corn.

He was making the animals pretend to eat.  Daddy had shown him how to put their mouth up to the corn and make noises with his own mouth.  Little Guy kept doing this repeatedly, as well as making the animal sound and signing "eat."  It was pretty cute!

How did you play this weekend?

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