Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Break Wrap Up

Last week we had a great spring break!  The weather was nice for most of the week, so we were able to spend plenty of time outside.

Here's how we spent our week:
Saturday morning (when it was still cold), we went to the Easter Eggstravaganza at the zoo. Little Guy participated in his first egg scramble.  Sunday afternoon, we made a new play table as an Easter egg play table.

Monday morning a friend of Mommy's came over to visit and learn about cloth diapers.  Little Guy did a great job pulling all the clean diapers out to show her!

Tuesday we used the new paint brushes that Grandma A. sent us.  Only a little bit of paint wound up on Little Guy!

In the afternoon, we started a new sensory bin with oatmeal.  Little Guy loved putting the oatmeal into different containers.

On Wednesday afternoon we took a walk with a friend and her six week old baby to a nature park in town.  Little Guy was fascinated by the baby, and we had a great walk, ending at the (crowded) playground.

Can you see the deer?

Thursday we got out the moon dough.  It had been a while since we played with it, but it is a lot of fun!

We spent a lot of time outside.  We opened back up our sandbox for digging, scooping, and lots of fun!

Little Guy found a quiet place to sit in the yard.  He found rocks there and kept going back.

On Friday, we went to the zoo. (We bought an annual pass to our local zoo.  It helps to support the zoo and is a cost effective way for us to go.  I think we have to go about seven times a year to pay for it, and we go much more often than that!)

After looking at all those animals, we went to the park for a picnic.  Little Guy is getting better at holding sandwiches!

We made a stop at the playground before heading home for nap time.  When was the last time you enjoyed a swing this much?

Saturday, we dyed Easter eggs.

Our spring break ended with Easter!

What did you do over spring break?

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