Wednesday, August 28, 2013

4 great reasons to dye pasta wheels

I love using Kool Aid to dye stuff. I've used it to dye and scent rice and playdough. I was in need of a new sensory idea for the color red, so I let Little Guy pick some pasta from the bulk bins at the grocery store. He chose little wagon wheels.
We divided it into 4 groups and used Kool Aid packets and water. We set them in a bin and put it outside to dry (which didn't take too long in the heat).

Helping Mommy shake it up!

Are you going to help?
The one problem we had was that the noodles dried all stuck together, so we had to spend some time breaking it apart.

Our bin, complete with red tools.

Now for the reasons that you should dye past wheels:

1. It smells yummy!
2. It looks fun to play in. The pasta is not dyed uniformly, giving it a neat look.
3. It is a fun sensory bin.  It's great for scooping, pouring, and hiding your hand in!
4. It doubles as a fine motor activity. Little Guy had a blast threading them on the bamboo skewers.

Adding the wheels so carefully!

Look at that stack.

What have you dyed with Kool Aid?

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