Saturday, January 4, 2014

Weekly Cleaning

As a stay at home mom (or as a person with a house to take care of), there seems to always be something to clean or straighten or wash or organize get the picture.  To help me stay on top of my cleaning, I am working on a weekly cleaning schedule.  The start of a new year seems like a good time to solidify some good habits (or maybe even start them!).  While I am not the best housekeeper, I do like my house to look nice and put together, so having a schedule helps me to stay on top of the tasks.  I started out using the home management calendar from JustMommies, but found I needed to personalize the tasks based on my preferences and house.

There are things that get done everyday (like doing dishes) and things that happen once a week (like mopping).  I prefer not to do laundry everyday, but when it seems like I have a lot I wash all our clothes in one or two days. Most of my weekday tasks happen while Little Guy is napping (I don't really want him to help clean the bathroom yet).  The exception is vacuuming.  I don't like to vacuum upstairs while he is sleeping, and he actually really enjoys vacuuming! 

So, here is my cleaning plan!

Note: I know that blogging is not cleaning!  I decided to add it onto my list to give myself permission to work on my blog.  I shifted cleaning tasks away from Tuesday so they still get done, without me feeling guilty about the time I spend on the computer!

How do you organize your cleaning?

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