Friday, November 15, 2013

Fire Station Field Trip!

Our playgroup went on a field trip to the Fire Station this week! It was a fun trip, and Little Guy really seemed to enjoy it.  On the way, he kept saying he wanted to talk to two firemen.

The highlight of the trip was sitting in the fire truck!
Litte Guy was upset that he wasn't big enough to drive the truck.
We enjoyed looking at the trucks.  Little Guy was so small compared to the truck.
I think he really liked when a fireman helped him into the truck, and even showed him the seat that folds down.

One part of the field trip that I thought was especially valuable was when one of the fireman put on his complete uniform, including his face mask.  While he did look a little scary, it is so important that Little Guy sees that so he knows that it is a fireman, in case we ever have a real emerengency.

What is your toddler's favorite field trip?

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