Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tot School- Fall Week 2

This week we had week two of our fall theme. We stayed pretty busy with the variety of activities we had.  Several activities this week were fine motor skills.  There were several activities that Little Guy really seemed to enjoy, and two that helped to decorate my house! Little Guy is 28 months old.

The first tray was filling in an outline of a leaf on contact paper. He had red and orange tissue paper squares to stick in the shape.  About halfway completed, he said he was all done, so I had him put 7 more squares on. This was a great way to get a few more squares on and practice counting.
Look at my leaf!
We were able to play Roll a Leaf from the leaf pack at 3 Dinosaurs this week.  Whenever he rolled an object, he would put a sticker on the chart to mark it. This was a fun game!
Putting on stickers to show what I've rolled!
The next tray turned into one of Little Guy's favorites. I bought little wooden wheels (found them at the thrift store for $1!) and painted them fall colors.  I added a shoelace with a knot at the end.  Little Guy enjoyed putting the circles on and making snakes. He made snakes multiple times!  Usually, I leave our "work" items to only by used during our Tot school time.  But since he enjoyed this so much, it came out several other times.
Working hard to thread the circles.
The button snake also came out this week. Every time we get it out, Little Guy gets a little better at buttoning.

He also did a leaf shadow match. This activity came from the fall pack at Homeschool Creations.  I had cut apart the colored leaves and left the shadow sheet whole. Little Guy matched the leaf to its shadow. Every time he did it, he got a little better and a little faster.
Which leaf is this?
The next activity was another favorite. This activity is also from Homeschool Creations.  He had to clip the clothespin to the section of the wheel with the corresponding number. He does a great job of counting to 3, so counting to 6 is great practice. He also really likes using clothespins!
There are two scarecrows.
The next activity was one of my favorites. I got this idea from Happily Ever Mom. I cut 3 toilet paper tubes into quarters then stapled each of these rings into a wreath. Using a variety of fall colored ribbons, Little Guy had to weave the ribbons in and out of the tubes. This was the first time I had done weaving with him.  I found it best to hold the wreath for him to help him weave the ribbons.  I think his finished wreath is quite nice!
Starting to weave the wreath.

Our completed wreath.
Another way he practiced some fine motor skills this week was lacing leaves.  I had bought these foam leaf shapes from Target.  I punched holes all around the edges and tied on a shoelace.  Little Guy then had to lace all around the edge.  He was more successful if I held the leaf for him as he laced.  I was surprised at how many times he chose to do this activity.
The last tray was a nine piece puzzle from the fall pack at 3 Dinosaurs.  Little Guy really enjoys completing puzzles, so this was a good activity for him.  The hardest part for him is that since the puzzle pieces are simply paper, they can be put over one another, and since there is no frame, they move around easily.  However, that did not stop him from completing the puzzle several times during the week.
Next week we will include some Thanksgiving themed activities in our trays.  What are you working on right now?

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