Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tot School- Christmas Activities Week 2

This was a fun week of Tot School.  Little Guy is starting to get a little more about Christmas and it is such a fun time!  Little Guy is 29 months old.
This weeks Tot trays begin with a puzzle from Gift of Curiosity.  Little Guy had been getting frustrated with 9 piece puzzles made of paper, but I thought we would give this one a try since it was only 4 pieces.  It was not too bad.  He did not get as frustrated, although I can tell he would prefer to always use "real" puzzles.
This is the last piece.
I pulled out the painted wheels that I had used in fall tot school for Little Guy to make a snake.  In keeping with a Christmas theme, I only got out the red and green wheels.  Little Guy enjoyed this activity again.
Walking his snake.
Next was the shadow match from the reindeer pack at Royal Baloo.  He seemed to enjoy this one, and we had a great time talking about the different objects and people.
Here's Mrs. Claus.
We did another sort this week, from the Christmas pack at Gift of Curiosity.  This sort involved sorting ornaments and presents.  We did not have many presents under our tree yet, so this on involved discussion on that.
This one is an ornament.
Of course, we had some cutting practice!  This was actually 2 tot trays.  One was simply cutting practice from the Christmas pack at Gift of Curiosity and from Christmas themed packs at 3 Dinosaurs.  The other was cutting practice then gluing the pieces into a pattern.  The cutting pages from the reindeer pack at Royal Baloo had all the same items across the strip, which made it great for patterning practice.  At this point in time, Little Guy is not doing patterning on his own, but I am modeling how to do AB patterns with him.

Recognize our wreath materials?  This is another activity that we did in fall tot school, but revised for Christmas.  I put out Christmas ribbons to make a new wreath.  I also added a bell to the wreath once Little Guy was done weaving.
Our beautiful Christmas wreath!
This last activity was by far Little Guy's favorite!  I gave him a Parmesan cheese container that had a lid with one big hole on one half and 3 little holes on the other half.  Little Guy had 5 big pom-poms and 5 little pom-poms (in Christmas colors, of course).  He had to push the pom-poms into the bottle through the hole that matched their size.  He LOVED this!  He chose this activity to do do nearly everyday, and would do it multiple times in a row!
This one goes in this side!
I hope you are enjoying Christmas themed Tot school as much as we are!  Next week will be our last week of Christmas themed activities!

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