Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tot School- Christmas Activities Week 3

Merry Christmas!  I know this is about a week late, but now it is all ready for next year!  We had a fun time with this last set of Christmas themed tot trays!  This week several of our trays had a nativity theme.  Little Guy is 30 months old.
This first tray was the biggest hit!  Little Guy had to spoon the bells from one bowl to the other using an ice cream scoop.  Simple to set up and so much fun!  He came back to this activity every day, and would do it multiple times in a row.
The bell goes here now.
The next activity was coloring a set of Nativity themed printables from 3 Dinosaurs.  Little Guy did not choose to do this activity.  Oh well, now I have them for next year!

We have not done much with stamps, so the next tray was fun.  I pulled out some Christmas stamps and made some cards out of colored paper.  Little Guy stamped to his little heart's content!  He enjoyed this activity as well!
Make sure to get lots of paint!
The felt numbers came from an idea on Pinterest from The Pleasantest Thing.  We did not play the game, but Little Guy simply had to put the correct number of stickers on each number.
1 sticker.
Practicing counting to 5!
 I found more foam shapes from the dollar section at Target, this time in the shape of ornaments, so of course we made a threading activity.  Little Guy liked them so much that we hung them in one of our windows.
Pulling the shoelace through.
 What set of trays would be complete without some cutting practice?  Little Guy enjoyed gluing them on paper when he finished cutting the pictures apart.  This was cutting practice from the Nativity pack at 3 Dinosaurs.
Is this enough glue?
 Little Guy also practiced more sorting with different sizes of baby Jesus from the Nativity pack at 3 Dinosaurs.
This is a medium baby Jesus.
 For the next tray, I traced some of my small Christmas cookie cutters on white paper and then cut out the shapes.  I glued them onto a piece of red cardstock and Little Guy had to match the cookie cutter to the shape.  He resisted doing this activity for the first couple of days, but when he actually did it he seemed to enjoy it.  Kirstylee did a similar activity for Halloween at Moms Have Questions Too
I think this shape matches.
 The final tray was almost always the first one that he chose.  Using an angel from the Nativity pack at 3 Dinosaurs, Little Guy had to put one chocolate chip in each circle to practice one-to-one correspondence.  Of course, when he was done he could eat a few chocolate chips.
One chocolate chip in each circle.
 I hope you had a wonderful Christmas season!

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