Friday, December 13, 2013

What do you do all day?

What do you do all day?  This question is posed to me often now as a stay at home mom.  I get it especially from former colleagues who work all day.  So here goes!

We still get up early.  Daddy gets up around 6, and I try to get up around then.  He likes to see Little Guy in the morning before heading off to work, so Little Guy is up for the day around 6:45.  We get dressed and head downstairs for breakfast.  After we finish breakfast, we do Tot School.  I try to have about an hour for this everyday.  After Tot School, we get ready and head out!  Once we are out of the house, we are usually gone until lunchtime.
All loaded up in my car seat!
This is what we we do:

Two days a week we head to Stroller Strides for a great workout for mama and then playtime for Little Guy.  (If you have not heard of Stroller Strides, you should check it out! It is such a great workout for me and Little Guy is content in his stroller for the hour it takes. Plus we get to meet other mamas and kids.) One day we go to story time at the library, and one day we head to church for a bible study.  This leaves one morning a week with no set plans. We fit the grocery story, stops at the playground, other errands, and play times with friends around our plans! That means we stay pretty busy every morning!
Ready for Stroller Strides!
Little Guy still takes a nap every afternoon, which gives me time to shower (on those Stroller Strides days), read my bible study, and do work around the house like cleaning or food prep. Sometimes I eve get a chance to sit a relax for 5 minutes (until I remember the laundry that needs to be folded).

After nap we tend to stay home so we are here when Daddy gets home. This is a great time to get out sensory materials like play dough and oatmeal or get outside and play for a little while. 

It is amazing how busy we stay. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to stay at home with Little Guy!

What do you do all day?


  1. It's nice to hear what other Mamas do all day. It's enjoyable to have a weekly routine too. I need to get a better weekly routine going so it's not so inconsistent. Thanks for the post! :)

    1. It is nice to hear what others do. Somehow it seems less isolating. I love having a weekly routine and Little Guy seems to know what to expect!