Thursday, January 23, 2014

Throwing Practice

What do you do on days that it is so cold and damp outside that you just can't bear the thought of bundling up to play?  We have had a few of those days lately, but Little Guy still needs a way to get out some energy and work on some large motor skills.  We recently practiced our throwing!

All you need is a collection of balls and/or beanbags and a laundry basket. 
 We have been talking a lot about taking turns lately, so Little Guy and I took turns choosing an object and throwing it into the basket!  We did this for at least 20 minutes, filling the basket 3 times!
Aiming for the basket...
...almost made it!
This activity took almost no time to set up and was fun for both us!  What large motor activities do you do in the winter?

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