Monday, February 3, 2014

Calendar fun

Do you use a monthly calendar? I always used a planner as a teacher, then started to rely on the calendar on my smart phone when I became a stay at home mom. However, I always printed a calendar to hang on the fridge so I could see what was going on. 

I was inspired by this post at Buggy and Buddy to start doing a calendar with Little Guy. In mid January we hit a calendar store in the mall and Little Guy and I picked out calendars. He found a National Geographic Giraffe calendar and I found one with big squares, a pocket, and a magnet to hang on my fridge.  It has now become part of our weekly and daily routine to look at his calendar, and I am loving having a big calendar to hang on my fridge!

What do we do with his calendar?
  • Monthly: We use a highlighter to make a square around the days Daddy does not work.  We also will mark any days that are certain, like birthdays.
  •  Weekly: We write all the events and outings that planned for the week.  We include things like Stroller Strides, story time at the library, play dates, and even things like going to the grocery store.

  • Daily: We look at the calendar in the morning.  On weekdays, it is at the beginning of our Tot School time; on weekends it usually occurs after breakfast.  We cross off the previous day and look at what things are going on for today.  We also sing the days of the week song.  This version goes like this (sung to the tune "Down by  the Station Early in the Morning"):
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
Saturday is the last day
and that makes a week.

Little Guy loves to look at his calendar and reminds me every morning that we need to look at it for the day.

Have you tried using a calendar with your tot?

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