Friday, February 28, 2014

A New Oppurtunity

Sometimes life just doesn't seem to go the way you think it should.  Right now, even though I am happy with my life, there are things that are not the way that I thought they would be.  Those times can give us opportunities which we would never have thought.  That is where I am today...exploring a new opportunity!

So, what is this new opportunity, you may ask?  Well, I'm glad you asked!  I recently became a Stroller Strides instructor!  I talked here about Stroller Strides and how Little Guy and I go twice a week.  Our franchise was looking for some new instructors and so here I am!

I recently traveled to receive my training (yup, that why H is for Heart and V is for Valentine merged in Tot School...I was out of town, and then recovering from being out of town!).  I did some co-teaching, and this week I taught by first class, all by myself! 

This is exciting (and a little scary)!  Leading fitness classes is something my career as an elementary teacher did not prepare me for, but I can use the fun songs and understanding of kids while I lead! 

What unexpected opportunities have you embraced?


  1. That's so exciting Stacy! I'm still looking for said opportunities and hoping something fun and exciting comes my way as well!! You'll do great!

    1. Molly, I am sure you will find some wonderful opportunities! You are experiencing a wonderful one by being a stay at home mom to your two beautiful littles!