Sunday, June 22, 2014

Little Guy is 3!

Today Little Guy turns 3!  I can't believe it!  Everyone always says that kids grow up so fast, but I never appreciated how fast that was until I had my own child.

I am amazed at how much he has grown over the last year.  Here are some reflections (for him) on how he has changed.

In the past year, you have learned:
  • so many new words!  Your language is amazing!
  • how to recognize your name.
  • how to jump.
  • how to ride your balance bike.
  • how to pedal your tricycle.
  • many letters.
  • how to put on your own shoes (although not always on the correct feet).
  • how to sing songs! You can sing entire songs all on your own! 

You are:
  • nurturing to dolls and other children, wanting to comfort and take care of them.
  • funny, laughing at your own jokes.  You tell me "I'm a funny guy."
  • a cuddler, still cuddling when you are hurt or scared.
  • curious, always asking questions.
  • imaginative! You have a wonderful imagination!  Whether its playing with your Little People, trains, cars, or even riding your bike (which you call your motorcycle), you are imagining what the toys are doing, making up voices for them, and creating new situations!

You like:
  • construction vehicles, and always point out when we go past them.
  • trains, and wearing your train conductor costume.
  • dinosaurs, and love to see all of them at the zoo.
  • Little People, and playing with them, including naming each person and animal.
  • to sing!  Your favorite songs are "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Freres Jaques."

You no longer:
  • sleep in a crib!  Its a big boy bed for you!
  • wear diapers!  You know how to go potty on the big potty.

The day we met you and welcomed you to our family!
 I love you!  Happy Birthday, Little Guy!

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