Thursday, January 8, 2015

Preschool- Pumpkins Week 1

Pumpkins in January?  Yes, that's right! Well, kind of.  This was for the pumpkin unit we did way back in October, but I never shared with you!  So, here it is now!  Little Guy is 39 months old.

Little Guy loves puzzles.  This was a 24 piece puzzle, so he had a little trouble working on it.  I helped to guide him by helping him to see the different vegetables in the pictures.

This was the first time we used count and clip cards.  It is great for one to one correspondence and number recognition.  Theses are from the Gift of Curiosity.

This may have been the favorite activity of the unit.  Using a hammer and some pin nails, Little Guy hammered some buttons onto a foam pumpkin.  This was great fine motor practice and took a lot of concentration on Little Guy's part.  I found these foam pumpkins last year at the dollar store.

What pumpkin unit would be complete without some Halloween printables?  We used do-a-dot printable, some cutting practice, and a pumpkin/ jack-o-lantern sort.  The cutting practice and sorting is from the pumpkin pack at 1+1+1=1.

We've been continuing to practice our knife skills by cutting grapes.  Little Guy really enjoys "preparing" his own snack.

We continue to practice spooning.  Little Guy had to spoon pumpkins (orange and green wooden beads) from one bowl to another. He's getting pretty good at this!

I made this clothespin pumpkin activity to go with the song "5 Little Pumpkins sitting on a gate." This idea came from Still Playing School.  In addition to moving the pumpkins and singing the song, I also found a short animated version of the song on YouTube that Little Guy enjoyed watching and acting out.  This was probably his other favorite activity of the week.

Need more pumpkin ideas?  Don't worry, more are coming soon!

In the meantime, visit my Pinterest board.

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