Saturday, January 17, 2015

Preschool- Pumpkins Week 2

More pumpkins in January!  This was our second week of our pumpkin unit.  Be sure to check out week one, too!

For this activity, I wrote out the word pumpkin really big on piece of construction paper.  First, Little Guy had to identify all the letters.  Then, using tweezers, Little Guy had to move the candy pumpkins to the letters, covering the letters up.  This activity took a bit of time, but he really enjoyed doing it, and especially enjoyed getting to eat one pumpkin when he was done!

Another fine motor activity he did was spooning.  I place some orange glass beads in a bowl and he had to use his spoon to transfer them to the pumpkin tray.

An art project we made was a pumpkin pocket. This idea came from Fantastic Fun and Learning.   Little Guy painted one and a half paper plates orange.  Then he laced them together to make a little pocket.  We added a green pipe cleaner to the top as the stem.  I'm sorry I don't have a picture of his completed pocket.

Our next activity was counting and number recognition.  I had some foam pumpkins, on which I wrote one number, from one to six.  Little Guy had to put that many little pumpkin erasers on the foam pumpkin.

Another counting activity we did involved a die.  Little Guy would roll the die, count the dots to see what number he rolled, then put that many pumpkin erasers into the mini ice cube tray.  This was fun, as we could take turns rolling or Little Guy could play all by himself.

Since Little Guy enjoyed this activity so much from last week, we had to bring it out again this week!  We had a fun time singing "Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate" and taking the pumpkins off and on!

This next activity was a great patterning activity.  Using the orange and green wooden beads that I painted for last week, Little Guy had to put them on a pipe cleaner.  But instead of simply stringing them, he made an AB pattern.  I helped him to get started with the pattern, but by the end he was putting them on in the correct order by himself.  He was very proud of himself when we has done!

Our last activity was a ring toss from Inner Child Fun.  We picked out some pumpkins that had some tall, straight stems specifically so we could do this.  I took some rings off of canning jars and Little Guy had to toss the rings onto the pumpkin stems.  This actually was a lot harder than I thought it would be!  Little Guy did manage to get a few rings on, but the ring tossing action is much different than the throwing action we usually use, so we gave up after a little while.

So that wraps up our Pumpkin theme!

Check out my Pinterest board for more ideas!

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