Sunday, October 14, 2012


I recently made a trip to the dollar store to pick up some materials for play with Little Guy.  This trip I bought puffs (pom-poms, but I think puffs sounds cuter), pipe cleaners, clothespins, and baskets.  We started to use the baskets right away, putting some of Little Guy's toys in them.

This weekend we started to use the puffs.  I got out a small handful (80 came in the package) and a clean plastic food jar.  I showed Little Guy how to put the puffs in the jar, and then he took over.  He really seemed to enjoy putting the puffs in, then turning the jar over to dump them back out.

Mmmm, these feel neat!

We got the puffs out again today.  This time, I got out an empty honey jar.  It had a smaller opening, so it was the perfect size for the puffs.  This was great fun!  Little Guy would put them in, then shake and shake the jar to get them back out!

Into the jar you go!

Little Guy also seemed to enjoy the texture of the puffs.  They are very soft to feel.  He did put a couple in his mouth, but almost immediately took them back out, making a funny face!  I think the stringy-ness must have felt funny on his tongue.  At one point, he also rubbed them on his cheek!

I had also left a Nutella jar out.  Little Guy tried shake the puffs out of the honey jar to the Nutella jar, but I don't think he ever quite succeeded.  However, he took the play in an new direction, putting the puffs from one jar to the other, shaking them around, putting the lids on, and taking the lids off!

Pouring from one jar to another.

I love how something as simple as puffs and jars could lead to several ways of play for Little Guy!

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