Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nutella Jar, how I love thee

Do you have an empty Nutella jar at home?  Do you know how wonderful it is?  A Nutella jar has many fabulous features.  Let me tell you about them:

1. It is clear.  After you wash it and take off the label, you can see right into the jar.
I can see the pasta in the jar!

2. The lid twists off and on.  When you are 15 months old, it is very fun to twist lids.
Look, I can twist the lid!

3. The mouth of the jar is the perfect diameter. Not only can a toddler put their hand and arm into the jar without worries of getting it stuck, it is also just the right size for them to stretch their hand across to grasp the lid and twist it off and on (see #2 above).
My hand fits on the lid!

4. If the lid is on, objects inside the jar will rattle around when the jar is shaken.  Need I say more?
Even Superman needs a Nutella jar!

Our Nutella jar has provided Little Guy with endless entertainment.  We have put pasta, wiffle balls, clothespins, puffs, and animal crackers in the jar.

What do you love to play with?

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