Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Now that it is fall and October, we needed to make a trip to the pumpkin patch.  Grandma and Granddaddy A. are here visiting us for about a week, so we made a big trip to the pumpkin patch!  This was Little Guy's first trip, as we didn't take him last year.

Before we took the hayride to the pumpkin patch, we stopped to play in the Corn Box.  This was so much fun!  It was just like a huge sensory tub filled with corn.  There were also some toy dump trucks, scoops, and other miscellaneous toys to use.  All five of us climbed into the corn box.  Little Guy was buried in the corn up to his waist!

Little Guy and Granddaddy hanging out in the Corn Box.  Little Guy is concentrating hard on filling the dump truck.

Uh-oh! Where did Little Guy's legs go?
After playing in the Corn Box for a little while, we went on a hayride to the pumpkin patch.  There were many varieties of pumpkins there, including your classic orange round pumpkin.  Daddy picked this one out almost immediately!

Daddy and Little Guy with our pumpkin!

Little Guy is investigating the pumpkin.

After choosing our pumpkins (we got three: a big one for Daddy, a medium one for mommy, and a little bitty one for Little Guy) we took the hay wagon back to the entrance.  Then we went through the corn maze!  That was pretty fun (the map helped).

Overall, we had a great trip to the pumpkin patch! 

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