Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Corn box

At the beginning of October, Little Guy, Daddy, Grandma and Granddaddy A, and I went to a farm and pumpkin patch.  (Read about our visit here.)  One of the things that we did on that trip was play in the corn box.  Little Guy (okay, all of us) had a great time playing in the corn box.

Since that was so fun, I wanted to create a sensory tub for Little Guy using that same type of corn.  Well, this week I finally did it!

Little Guy's very own corn box!

For the container, I ended up using Little Guy's water table.  Since it is too cool outside to put water in it, it had just been sitting on our patio.  I cleaned it off, took off the blue tower in the middle, and Viola!  the perfect container for Little Guy's very own corn box.  We visited a feed store to get the corn, purchasing whole kernel feed corn.  We bought a 50 pound bag, and used probably about half of it.

Little Guy enjoyed scooping the corn.
Measuring cups are great for helping him to scoop with success.

 Little Guy was quite excited to see the corn box!  I added simple materials from the kitchen for him to use in the corn box.  I added plastic spoons, measuring cups, and washed cream cheese and sour cream containers.

I was a little worried about the corn box being open and available to him all the time, but I actually think this is one of the best parts!  Little Guy will go over, play in it for a little while, then go away and play with something else, and then come back to the corn box.  He seems to be enjoying the flexibility of playing in it when he wants.

I did cut a cardboard circle to act as a cover.  Little Guy also enjoyed taking it off and on!

I can put the cover on!

What ideas do you have for sensory boxes?

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