Friday, November 9, 2012

Going to the Zoo

I love to go to the zoo with Little Guy. Lately, it has been even more fun. Little Guy now is able to look for and spot the animals, at times getting excited when he sees them. He likes to walk around, not always ride in the stroller.
Now that it is fall and a little cooler, there are much fewer people there. Our most recent visit to the zoo was on Halloween. I think we saw between 10 and 15 other people there.
Anyway, the two tigers were very active, pacing around their enclosure and occasionally playing with each other. Little Guy was just tall enough to see over the window ledge. He watched them walk around, pointing occasionally. We must have stood there for 10 minutes watching them.

Little Guy likes to sit on the baby tiger seat.
Then we walked to the small animal kingdom. In this area of the zoo, there are things for kids to climb on and play in. Little Guy loves to check these things out now! There is a life size komodo dragon. 

Hmmm...I wonder what this is?
Of course, we must visit it before moving on!

I have conquered the dragon!
There is a tortoise shell that you can climb in.  Little Guy wanted to see what was inside, but never crawled all the way in.

What's in here?

One of the last things are some huge shells.  Glad I didn't have a baby big enough to fit in it!

My new seat!

We love going to the zoo!  What are your favorite parts of the zoo?

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