Monday, December 31, 2012

A new truck!

Well, a new truck for Little Guy! His big Christmas gift from Grandma and Granddaddy A was a Cozy Truck. It was a very generous gift that we were excited for Little Guy to have.  However, we did not get it in time for him to have on Christmas morning. We got it on the Friday after Christmas, and it was fun to see Little Guy with it! In fact, I think he may have enjoyed it more because he could focus on the one toy, and not the plethora that he received on Christmas. 

Little Guy checking out his new truck!
  We have already taken several walks around the neighborhood with it. Unfortunately, the high temperatures here have been in the low 30's, so we haven't spent a lot of time outside. However, come spring and summer, I know we will get a lot of use out of the truck. 

Cruising the neighborhood!

Mama and Little Guy out for a walk!
 Did your little one get any fun new toys?

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