Sunday, December 30, 2012

Family pajama pants

Leading up to Christmas, I was working on several projects. I made Little Guy pajamas and ornaments for my nieces and nephews. The last (and most important, in my opinion), was matching pajama pants for the whole family!

Merry Christmas!

Ever since Daddy and I have been married, I have tried to find matching pajama pants for us for Christmas. I have been able to find similar patterns, but never matching. So, this year I decided to make them myself!

Big, medium, and little pajama pants!

I bought a bolt of fabric the day after Thanksgiving so I would have plenty of time and fabric. I made Daddy's first, since they were the biggest. Next came mine, and finally I made Little Guy's. I made my own pattern for Daddy's and my pants, using this tutorial from Sew for Home.  Daddy's and my pants had both elastic and a drawstring in the waist, and Little Guy's just had elastic. I used the same pattern for Little Guy's as I did for his coat pajamas. 

Here are my pajama pants.

Next year, I'll just have to make Little Guy a new pair, as Daddy and I should (hopefully) be the same size.

I think they came out pretty good! Did you start any new traditions for your family this year?

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