Monday, February 25, 2013

Block Table

My goal with our water table has been to switch up the items that are in it, in order to give Little Guy a variety of experiences and sensory play time.  Although it was purchased as a water table, once autumn hit, the table was moved inside and turned into a corn table.  Next, I put his Duplo legos in it, as a way to keep them ready for play and contained.

Our next play table had wooden blocks.  We have 3 sets of small wooden building blocks.  I combined all 3 sets and they filled the table quite nicely.

Our block table.

The table was sitting next to our fireplace.  This gave Little Guy a nice place to build.  He could use either the fireplace hearth or the area in the center of the table.

Stacking his blocks.

Look at that cheesy grin!
We left this play table up for about a month.  There are many things that can be done with the blocks, and I love that open-ended play for him.  It was also very easy to clean up on a daily basis.

What is in your play table?

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