Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Things I love about having a Toddler

Things I love about having a toddler: 

He goes ahhhhhh when he runs (running is fun, didn't you know:-)

Laundry baskets are fun, especially for climbing in and out, not to mention pulling all the clean laundry out is a fun game... mommy just keeps putting it back in!

Snuggles with mommy and daddy are nice!

The way he runs to the chair when I ask him if he wants to cook with me.

I've got the chair! Here I come!
He pretends the remote is a phone, holds it up to his ear and says hi, then hands it to me and wants me to talk into it, too.


He thinks "The Wheels on The Bus" is the greatest song.

Finding things in random places.

Duplo man needed a chair.
He always looks cute dancing.

The way he imitates things that we do.

I can vacuum, too!

Wet, sloppy kisses!

His cute,  round little belly!

What are some fun things about your toddler?

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