Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

This year, Little Guy is celebrating Valentine's Day at school.  So we needed to make Valentines for him to give out!  We started with him stamping hearts onto white paper.  We used toilet paper rolls shaped into hearts and dipped into red paint.  (I got the idea from this website, Rust and Sunshine, from a pin on Pinterest.)

Mommy and Little Guy stamping hearts!

Here is a finished paper!
Then I cut the papers up into smaller squares, displaying some cute hearts, wrote  "Valentine, you make me loopy" on them, and added the loopy straw.  Cute, right!

Little Guy's Valentines!
I also had to make Valentines for my students at school.  I don't like to give them candy, so I usually do a writing theme.  This year I got each student two little notepads, a pencil, eraser, and pencil sharpener. 

I stamped some hearts, too!

Aren't these great gifts from a teacher?

While we were painting, I also painted the bottoms of Little Guy's feet.  I stamped them to make a "V."  I then cut out the footprints to make cards for Little Guy's grandparents.

Happy "Love" Day!

Last night we did a theme bath.  We had a red bath!  I had only red toys and I put red food coloring into the water.  (I had to leave the blue mat in so Little Guy didn't slide around.)

Red, red, red.

Look at my fun bath!

I'm not sure how much Little Guy gets into the themed baths yet, but we will continue them!

This morning I got up and made Valentine's Day pancakes!  Yup, they're pink and heart shaped!

Mmmm, pink pancakes!

What are you doing to celebrate Valentine's Day?

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