Monday, June 10, 2013

Our (new and improved) garden

When we moved into this house, there was a small garden plot in the corner of the backyard.  Over the last few years, we have continued to use this spot as it was to plant a small vegetable garden in the summer.  This summer was to be the same.  You may recall that we already planted pea seeds out there.
Well, Daddy decided it was time for an upgrade to our garden plot!  Over a weekend, he built a raised garden bed out of cedar!  It is beautiful!

Little Guy likes to help Daddy!
Using those tools!
2 clamps are better than 1.
What a good job hammering.
Doing some work on his own!

After the box was built, we had to fill it with soil and compost, then put in our new plants!

Making sure the soil is mixed!
Good thing he has a wheelbarrow!
Mommy and Little Guy digging together.
Putting in a tomato plant!
And here it is!

Our wonderful garden!
Our peas never came up, so we weren't worried about planting over them.  Our garden contains:
  • 6 sunflower plants (that we started from seeds!)
  • 4 different types of tomatoes
  • 3 types of peppers
  • 1 cucumber

We planted Scottish moss in the little inset, as it can handle being stepped on.  The inset is so I can reach all the plants!

Can't wait to see what we get this summer and fall!

What's in your garden?

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