Friday, June 7, 2013

Thank you gifts

At the end of the school year, the are always thank you gifts to be handed out. This year I need gifts for my wonderful classroom volunteers and for Little Guy's teachers at his school. 

For my classroom volunteers, I put together these water bottles.  In each bottle is a few Crystal Light iced tea packets and a few Snickers bars.   The tag reads "Thank you for helping in our classroom this year.  Your hard work is nothing to 'Snicker' at.  I hope you have a 'tea'-rrific summer!"  I know, a little cheesy, but it has the right sentiment.  I also gave them a framed picture of their child in a graduation cap and gown (finishing kindergarten IS a big deal!).

All lined up for the parents!

I think they came out cute!

For Little Guy's teachers, I put together a little gardening basket. Each basket included a pair of gloves, a transplanting shovel, a seed packet, a small pot, and a small sunflower plant (one of the ones that Little Guy and I started). We also made cards for them with Little Guy's hand prints.

Here are the ingredients!

Ready to go (except the sunflowers)!

Thank you for helping me grow!
 What ideas for gifts do you have? 

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