Wednesday, June 12, 2013

An intro to Shaving Cream

Now that we have more time at home, I have more opportunities to do some fun experiences with Little Guy.  Last week, we got out the shaving cream for the first time!  This is such a great sensory activity.  At first, Little Guy did not seem to understand what it was or what to do with it.

Leaning in for a first look.
 With some encouragement from Mommy, he tentatively touched it.

Huh, it feels kinda funny!
  Then he started to realize it was not too bad.  Look at that smile!


Look at my hands now!

Its not really coming off.

I can write in it!
This was a really fun activity for both Little Guy and Mommy! It worked well to do this on his little picnic table.  It kept a well defined area for the shaving cream and was a small enough area that he could utilize it, while sharing some space with Mommy.

Once we had the shaving cream smeared over the entire table, we wrote with our fingers.  This was an easy way to show Little Guy some shapes and words, including his name, mama, and dada.  I would tell my students at school that we were going to have some fun and I would sneak in the learning.  This was a great example of doing this at home with Little Guy.

Have you played with shaving cream?

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