Friday, October 18, 2013

The Color Game

Another way we have been practicing colors is with the color game.  This is a fun game that we started playing outside on our patio, and moved inside as the weather cooled off.

Materials needed:
  • sidewalk chalk, 6 colors (if playing outside)
  • different colors of construction paper, 6 colors, 2 sheets of each color (if playing inside)
  • large die
  • labels (to put on the die)
  • packing tape (optional)

Set up:
  • Using the sidewalk chalk, draw a circle on the sidewalk.  You will need 6 different colors, and 1 circle of each color for each person playing.  For example, I drew 2 pink circles, 2 blue circles, 2 green circles, 2 white circles, 2 orange circles, and 2 yellow circles.  For inside play, arrange your 6 colors of paper in a circle. 
  • Using the labels, label each side of the die with one of the colors you used for the circles.  (Optional- put packing tape over the labels to ensure they do not fall off.)

To play:
  • Roll the die.  Whatever color lands up, the player (preferable the toddler) must identify the color, then jump onto a corresponding circle.
  • Repeat.
  • Don't forget to giggle and have fun!
Get ready to jump....
What ways do you incorporate learning into gross motor skills?

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