Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tot School- Pumpkins

This week in Tot School we worked on pumpkins.

Some of the books we enjoyed were:
  • Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin by Tad Hills
  • A Day at the Pumpkin Patch by Megan Faulkner and Adam Krawesky
  • Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins by Dianne Ochiltree

I included several different activities in Little Guy's Tot book.  One activity I included was the booklet "Orange Pumpkin, Orange Pumkin" from First Grade a la Carte.  This book follows the pattern of "Brown Bear."  I put the words on the bottom of each page, and as I read it, Little Guy glued on the matching picture.  Later in the week he colored the pictures.
Coloring the green witch.
Several of the activities this week came from the pumpkin pack at 3 Dinosaurs.  Little Guy loves using his scissors, so of course I used the cutting practice pages.  After he would cut the strips apart, he would glue them onto a piece of construction paper, making a big collage.  I also put in a matching game, where you match the two halves of a picture.  (I put in two sets with 3 pictures each.)  I also printed the Jack-o-Lantern coloring book.
Putting the pumpkin together.
I made a simple pumpkin sequencing activity with pumpkins in  five sizes.

This is the biggest pumpkin!
Little Guy enjoyed many of the Tot Trays I planned for his this week (see all the pumpkin Tot  Trays here).  The first one he wanted to do was to use tacks to attach buttons to the foam pumpkins.  He worked on this several mornings.  The hardest part of this was that the tacks were not very long, so they did come off easily.  However, Little Guy did not mind and would jsut put them back on!
Putting the tacks in!
Look at our pumpkin!
He also like decorating the pine cones with the stickers. 
Look at those stickers!
The buttoning of leaves was harder for him than the felt squares, but good practice!
Buttoning the yellow leaf on the ribbon.
The tongs were hard to use with the pom-poms, so I pulled out an orange chip clip.  He was able to use this to drop the pom-poms into the can.
The pop-pom goes here.
One activity we added was pumpkin cleaning.  We went to the pumpkin patch with our playgroup and Little Guy picked a small pumpkin.  He then spent some time wiping it with a damp cloth and then with a dry cloth.
Making sure its nice and clean.
From our other Tot Trays, he really liked the puzzles and loves doing the dot pages!  The tongs continue to be good practice for him, although they are a little big for his little hands.

What pumpkin activities does your toddler enjoy?

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