Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tot School- Farms Week 2

This is our second week learning about farms.  We did not get at much work time during this week as I would have liked, as we had some special visitors here... Grandma and Granddaddy A. came to spend the week with us!  This did, however, give us a couple of hands-on learning experiences.

We continued reading many of the same books we worked with last week.  One new one was Bingo by Rosemary Wells.  You guessed it, it goes along with the song!  We have been singing a lot of "Bingo" and "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" around here the last two weeks.

Little Guy spent a lot of time in pretend play with his Little People farm.  Grandma also seemed to enjoy the farm, as she spent a lot of time pushing around tractors, too!
All set up!
The toddler view.
One new experience we had was feeding the goats at the zoo.  In our local zoo, there is a Zoo Farm, where you can feed the llamas, sheep, and goats.  Only the goats were interested in the food Little Guy had to offer.  This was the first time we had let Little Guy feed these animals.
Daddy showing Little Guy what to do.
Little Guy really liked feeding the goats.
Later in the week we went to a local farm that had a big festival and pumpkin patch.  They also had a petting zoo, so Little Guy was able to see more animals.  This was also the first time he had seen some of the animals in real life!
Granddaddy A. helped Little Guy feed the animals.
Here's the pig!
Don't forget the cow!
What better way to get a know a pony than on a pony ride?
Look at those smiles!
Back at home, we did do some more work.  I printed this animal sorting activity from This Reading Mama, in her Farm Pack.  I cut the animals in strips, so Little Guy had some cutting practice to cut the individual animals apart.  Then we talked about whether the animal lived in the zoo or on the farm.  He had a lot of success with this!
Sorting farm and zoo animals.
We also made this sheep.  I got this idea from Craftulate.  I printed a sheep outline off the internet and traced it onto cardstock, two times for each sheep.  I taped two outlines together with the end of black yarn in the middle.  Then it was up to Little Guy to give the sheep its wool by wrapping the yarn around the sheep's belly.  We made two sheep, and each time that Little Guy wraps the yarn around the sheep's body, he gets a little better!
Loving his sheep!

I think we will work on our farm theme for one more week!  Do you have any ideas for a farm theme?

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