Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tot School- J is for Jungle Animals

Have you ever had a weekend when it seems like you have a ton of stuff to do and not enough time to do it all in?  That was the weekend getting ready for J Tot School.  These activities were all things that were easy for me to put together and I did not have to go online to find ideas.  We focused on J is for Jungle Animals.  Little Guy is 34 months old. 

The first activity was putting small jungle animal erasers on the do-a-dot page for J (printed from School Time Snippets).  Earlier this year, I printed out the do-a-dot printables for all the capital letters.  Then each week I only have to pull out the letter I need.  I already had these mini jungle animals erasers (I pick up this type of mini erasers whenever I see them cheaply- think dollar area at Target).  Little Guy seemed to enjoy this activity, even though we have done variations on it for the last few weeks.
The next activity was a lacing activity.  I had bought this Melissa and Doug set at a consignment sale.  Little Guy's task was to first string the number bead, then put on the corresponding amount of shape beads.  Little Guy is really good at counting up to 3 objects, so now I am going to start working more with the number 4.  This task he only completed once.  There were a lot of beads for him to string, and he tired of it before he finished.
The salt tray is always a big hit!  I try to not pull it out very often so the novelty does not wear off.  I think Little Guy asked to do this one everyday!
I have been trying to do a letter project for the last several projects.  I had picked up foam jungle animal stickers at the dollar store a while ago, so it was an easy project for him to complete.  He simply decorated the J with the stickers.  He worked on it a couple of times.  His finished J was almost completely covered with stickers!

I really liked this next activity.  I took the magnetic letters from A to J (all letters we have introduced) and put them in some playdough.  Little Guy had to dig out the letters and put them on the cookie sheet.  He worked on it a couple of times, but asked me each time why all the letters were not in the playdough. 

The last activity making the letter out of Duplos, from Wildflower Ramblings.  This is another idea that I have printed all the Duplo lettter cards for the entire alphabet, so I only have to get out the letter that I need.  He completed this at the end of the week.  He was not willing to smile for a picture!

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