Thursday, February 12, 2015

iPad and Surface Pro Sleeves

Last week, my sewing machine came back out!  It was so nice to have it back out, like greeting an old friend.  I spent the first weekend sewing an iPad sleeve and a Surface Pro sleeve.

The first project on my list was to make a (belated) Christmas present- an iPad sleeve.  I found a great tutorial at Crazy Little Projects.  I found some cute green and blue fabric at JoAnns and got to work.  It came together pretty easily.  I did make one change, putting a button hole and and button instead of a velcro closure.  I was pretty happy with how it came out!  I tried out Daddy's iPad in it, and it fit!  Quite nicely, too!

The next project was to sew a sleeve for my (new) Surface Pro that Daddy gave me for Christmas!  It is a little bigger than an iPad, so I used the same tutorial and made it a little bigger.  Unfortunately, I did not make it as wide as I should have.  While my Surface Pro fits, it is a tight fit.  Oh well!

I used this cute purple chevron print that I also found at JoAnns, and lined it with the cute floral print.  Even though it is not the best fit, it still makes me happy!

More sewing projects coming soon!

What have you made lately?

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