Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Preschool- Pirates Week 2

The pirate fun continued for a second week in our homeschool preschool!  Little Guy had a lot of fun with many of the activities from last week.  He completed many of them again this week, so most of those activities are not in today's post.  Here are some new activities for this week.  Little Guy is 42 months old.

This first activity was syllable clapping and sorting from Homeschool Creations.  We have not really worked on syllables before (although he has been exposed to this concept at story time at the library).  We had a stack of one- and two-syllable pictures and a card with a 1 and a card with a 2.  Little Guy would name the picture, we would clap the syllable together, then he would put it with the correct number.  He did great!  It was a fun way to practice syllabication with easy words!

This roll and graph activity came from 123 Homeschool4Me.  We used some glass beads to show which object we had rolled.  This is great because Little Guy can play on his own or we can take turns.

To practice some fine motor skills, Little Guy did some lacing.  I pulled out a fish and a parrot for him to lace.  Every time he does this, it gets a little easier for him, although he still likes mommy to hold it for him (as you can see).

This puzzle came from The Relaxed Homeschool.  It was originally a four piece puzzle, but I cut each piece in half to make it an eight piece puzzle.  Little Guy got frustrated doing this puzzle, since the pieces can slide around.

I put a few worksheets into a binder for him to practice.  We used sheets from Homeschool Creations and 123 Homeschool4Me.  I put them in sheet protectors and then he used a dry erase crayon to complete the work.

Since we had this treasure chest, we used it to help practice spooning.  Little Guy had a dozen doubloons in a bowl, which he had to scoop out with a spoon and put in his treasure chest.

Little Guy really seemed to enjoy our pirate themed preschool!  In addition to these activities, we checked out several pirate story books from the library to read as part of our preschool time.  Some of his favorites were Riff Raff the Mouse Pirate by Susan Schade, Pirate Pete by Kim Kennedy, and How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long.

More pirate activities can be found on my Pinterest board!

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